[M21] Sanctum of Tranquil Light (033-274) [EN] (U) [2020]

Sanctum of Tranquil Light ( W )

Legendary Enchantment – Shrine

{5}{W}: Tap target creature. This ability costs {1} less to activate for each Shrine you control.

An untroubled mind
Dwells in perfect harmony
With a peaceful heart.

033/274 – U – M21 – EN – 2020
Art by Johannes Voss




The cost reduction applies only to generic mana in the cost of the activated ability. It can’t reduce the White requirement.

Each Shrine has an ability that counts the number of Shrines you control. These abilities include the Shrine they’re printed on.

Shrines count only enchantments with the subtype Shrine. Other cards with “shrine” in their name (such as Jungle Shrine, Luxa River Shrine, and Nantuko Shrine) don’t count.

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